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To be extremely skanky and slutty, therefore a mix of the two. Sleeping around, having advanced sex such as anal and or having multple sex pals at the same time.
'I hate my skutty best friend. all she does is skut all day when i want to play chess'

'close your legs alexa, you're so skutty'

'do you like this shirt?'
'are you a skut?'
by land4ft April 29, 2009
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A "slow" cut off on the road. Best if used on a two lane road when the making a left turn. A person should wait until a car is coming on the opposite side of the road then SLOWLY pull infront of the oncoming car. This causes the oncoming car to slow down and be skuttied.
I woke up this morning and had to go skutty a car.

I took 5 mins to make a left turn and I skuttied a car coming towards me.

Prime skutty locations:
HowellMill Road; Atlanta, Ga
Glenwood Ave; Raleigh, NC
by Bradly Nation August 13, 2006
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A combination of sketchy and cutty.

An adjective used to describe a place that APPEARS to be hella sketchy but in reality is 100% legit and a super cutty place for...cutty things
we hooked up last night in a hella skutty place
by feelinlikepdiddy December 28, 2009
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