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"Skoodabop" is a word that you exclaim loudly in order to disrupt a session of macking. The word can also be followed by "nigga" when emphasis is felt to be needed.

"Skoodabopping" can be performed when your friend is macking or flirting with a fly honey or it can be performed on just any random couple that appears to be in the midst of macking.

If performed properly, you should receive a confused "what the fuck?" stare from the parties involved, and hopefully cause them to forget what they were doing.

"Skoodabopping" can also be done on Facebook. If you notice a male and female (or male/male female/female couples) chatting it up on your newsfeed, you can indicate awareness and cause confusion by posting a comment among the conversation simply stating: "SKOODABOP!" or "SKOODABOP NIGGA!". The only downside to this situation is that you do not remain anonymous if the people involved in the macking are strangers to you.
Person 1: "I saw Sonya and John macking so hard at the party last night, so I skoodabopped them."

Person 2: "Skoodabopped? Huh? How did you do that?"

Person 1: "I just looked in their direction and shouted 'SKOODABOP!'"

Person 2: "Oh...well...what did they do?"

Person 1: "I completely threw off their groove. They got really confused and stared at me and couldn't remember what they were talking about."

Person 2: "Damn, I got to try that sometime."

Person 1: "Just don't get skooda-punched like I did later by John."

Person 2: "Oh."
by theotherguysband October 21, 2011
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