One day A group of girls in their late teens early 20s wanted to go swimming but didn’t have bathing suits so they went skinny dipping instead.
by Hahah278388 December 11, 2019
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Swimming nude.

Charlie and Trevor set their bags down on a rock overlooking a clear lake.
“Fuck, I’m really sweaty now,” said Trevor.
“Same,” said Charlie, “we could cool down in the lake.”
“I don’t have trunks.”
“All good, just strip. I don’t care.”
Trevor looked up to see Charlie peeling off his tight boxers, revealing a limp 5 inch dick.
Under the water, Trevor’s arm brushed against the shaft, and he felt it harden. Rising to the surface, Trevor floated on his back, closing his eyes and relaxing.
Suddenly, he felt a hand on his ass, groping and fingering his hole. He let out a soft gasp as he looked at Charlie. Following his gaze, he looked to his own crotch and saw that his full 7 inches were standing at attention.
“Like what you see?” Trevor whispered seductively.
Trevor guided Charlie’s hand to the base of his cock, and began pumping it up and down. Charlie pressed his lips onto Trevor’s, tongue exploring. It was too much for Trevor, with the passionate kiss, Charlie’s soft hand on his cock and his finger in his ass. Trevor began moaning louder. Charlie grinned, and shyly licked the tip of Trevor’s dick. Trevor whimpered, wanting more. He bucked his hips, but it was a bit hard considering he was floating in water. Charlie began going in farther until his nose was resting in Trevor’s pubes. He began bobbing up and down, faster. Trevor let out a scream of pleasure, and let out a load into Charlie’s mouth. Charlie swallowed it all.
Flipping so that he was standing, Trevor began to finger Charlie’s ass. Trevor spun Charlie around, putting him in a bear hug, and aligned his dick with Charlie’s ass. Charlie moved closer, trying to put the tip in.
Trevor gripped Charlies long hair, pulling his head up, and rammed his full hard length into Charlie’s hole. Charlie let out a loud moan, begging Trevor for more.
“Ooh yes daddy!” Charlie screamed.
Trevor stopped. “Daddy?” Charlie nodded. “So you’re my little boy? My little slut? Mine to control.”
“Yes Daddy, I love it when you take control, fuck me hard, fill me up with your big cock, punish me, make me your slut!”
Trevor was going full speed now. They were on the shore of the lake, with Charlie on all fours. Trevor began to spank Charlie, making his ass red.
“You’ve been a naughty boy, and you will be punished! You worthless little faggot slut! You are such a slut for my cock, aren’t you?”
“Yes daddy, I’m a worthless faggot, make me your slut!”
Sounds of sex filled the air. Finally, Trevor flooded Charlie with his seed, and he pulled out. Charlie’s hole was still stretched out, leaking cum, sore. Laying on his back, Charlie let out his load, spraying it all over Trevor.
“You useless whore! You got your cum on me! Clean it off now!”
Charlie got up and began to lick every inch of Trevor’s body, especially his cock, balls, and butt.
They only go skinny dipping when they are horny and then they fuck each other’s brains out.
by Call 429-256-9562 July 1, 2022
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"I forgot my swimming suit"
"No problem, we can go skinny dipping"
by Andre December 17, 2003
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for crying out loud, it's just swimming naked, IT'S NOT KINKY
Don't go skinny dipping, my parents are watching.
by an azn August 20, 2006
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To swim with no clothes on. More fun when done with people of the opposite sex.
I asked Melissa if she would go skinny dipping with me, she said yes.
by Southern Threat December 4, 2020
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