Derived from the adjective sketchy; the quality of being sketchy.
The sketchiness of that group of people prompted me to move to the other side of the road.
by Lett3rs4ndNumb3rs August 14, 2011
Someone who acts suspicious, unpredictable and odd in normal situations. Someone who lacks common sense and is overly secretive. Usually someone who has used a high volume of Valium.
1. Wow, that guy is so sketchy.
2. "Didn't he tell you where he was going?" "No, he just disappeared" "Well, that's just sketchy."
by djCandy13 May 27, 2013
1) someone or something that just isnt right.
2) the feeling you get the morning after usuing a lot of drugs, most commonly associated with extacy.
3) something unsafe
4) someone or something that gives off a bad feeling
i dunno, his story sounds kind of sketchy

i cant come in to work today, im sketchy

by tardo October 6, 2003
When someone lands a trick skateboarding, but he has to do a whole lot of maneuvering to stay on the board.
joe- dude did you see chase land that 540 flip over the gap.
jake- yeah , but it was sketchy though.
by mynameisjoker October 25, 2009
Lacking integrity

Jesse May
Our manager is sketchy at best. He doesn't care about the rules as long as his work gets completed.
by JamesCarlisle June 25, 2015
creepy, iffy, fairly unsafe, an air of uncertainty, not kosher, and just generally something or someone that you don't want to be associated with (or really do want to be associated with, depending on who you are...)
1. That guy staring at me is really sketchy.

2. This Waffle House is really sketchy.

3. I don't know if I like Steve's driving--it's kinda sketchy.
by The President April 5, 2005