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American slang for something that seems cool or rad (that everyone in society loved); but was really degenerate, lame and cheesy. Especially if it was the 1980s. Something very ersatz and cheap, pretty much. (of inferior quality)

(a sign of a degenerating and degrading western world, perhaps)

Basically: Skemp is usually trying to appear tough or bombastic; but being very pretentious and lame. (upon delivery)

Kinda like schlocky, but more of a degenerate and sickening way.
New Kids on the Block were so Skempy. Those kids were faggots and pretty boy douches. The Beastie Boys pissed all over their faces.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are so Skemp.

The 1980s were so skempy.

Valley Girls in California are skemp trash.

Barack Obama's America was so Skempy.

Savage Garden are so skemp.

by Helba the Hacker February 26, 2018
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A contraction of the words super kind hemp. Mainly used as a verb and adverb.
Let's get skempy. Naw man, I'm already skemped out from that last bong hit.
by wormwood@efnet December 19, 2005
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