A person who wears surf cloths and is into surfing or pretends to be into surfing.
In the 80s when I was in school people who say " are you a skeg or a headbanger"
or "he's looks like a skeg"
by Matthew Higgs April 10, 2006
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Popular term in the State of Western Australia referring to teenagers, in particular, who wear ultra baggy/loose jeans with some of their underwear showing (why the hell we ask!?) and a t-shirt that's a bit too small. either that or an equally baggy jumper/sweater. The key thing is they skate. Generally loners too.
"Bloody skegs think they own the footpath..."
by Bobby McGee July 13, 2004
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the fins attached to the bottom of a surfboard.
after i got out of the water, i noticed that my middle skeg was missing from my board. now i gotta buy another one. damnit.
by CP12 December 05, 2005
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One who dresses like a tramp, food stains down t shirt, ripped old smelly dirty trainers, stale jeans, and untidy hair. Also can used to describe someone after doing a dirty (horrible) act.
' I got up this morning after going to bed with my clothes on and went to the shops, i looked like a fucking skeg'

'Did you see that nasty bitch drop her food on the floor then pick it up and eat it, the dirty skeg!'
by Carina Crolla February 16, 2005
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Repulsive substance of unknown origin; state of uncleanliness, possibly due to residual bodily fluids having dried on the skin.
"You can't go out like that! You're coveed in skeg!"

"Christ mate, your bills are really skeggy".
by Camerhil September 18, 2002
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