(n)Seminal fluid, typically erupting from the male sex organ after prolonged stimulation. See Also, cum, jism, baby-batter, jubba juice, love yogurt, cream of sum-yung-guy, pale ale, sticky eye-patch, gargle glue, semen.

(v)Blowing one's load in a projectile manner, typically into/onto someone's face.
"Jane's face was covered in skeet after being double teamed by members of the Lacrosse team."

"I was about to nut, so pulled out of her ass, turned her around, and proceeding to Skeet all over her face"
by TheTurtle June 02, 2005
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A girl that loves to have sex with guys.
"Hey girl your not a slut."
"Aww really?!"
"Nahh, not even close! Your a skeet!"
by JeezyEff April 20, 2010
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in st. louis we have been using skeet for a couple years as three things
1. something really small
2. something unfair or cheap or something not appreciated
3. a verb if a person exemplfies something in def. 2
those are some skeet shorts

that test was so skeet

chris skeeted me by not paying me back
by a-lowes September 01, 2004
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After sex (or masterbation) when you ejaculate or when sexual fliuds shoot out of your body at increble speeds...you would then experience a brief euphoria.
The word skeet was actually originated by Jay-Z

Jay-Z "I came in ya bentley backseat, skeeted in your jeep and left condoms on the baby seat"
by IdioticIntelligence December 07, 2008
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