A small, yellow-gold 25th century artificial intelligence that is the partner of the cocky and showboating DC comic book superhero, Booster Gold.
Young Boy: Can I have your autograph?
Booster Gold: Sure you can!
Young Boy: Oh, I thought you were Green Lantern!
Skeets: I would like your autograph, sir!
Booster Gold: Shut up, Skeets.
by Erei August 25, 2008
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"Skeet"could be seen as form of birth control. It means to cum outside of someone.
"Don't worry I will just I will skeet on you? Let me go get you a towel."
by Real Wordsmith April 06, 2017
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Verb. (transitive sense) To eject semen from a living body; specifically to ejaculate splooge from the penis whilst in the throes of orgasm, typically onto a woman's body or into her mouth.

See: come; jizz
Related term: skeeta man

Noun. A viscid whitish fluid of the male reproductive tract consisting of spermatozoa suspended in secretions of the accessory glands; semen.

See Cum; Splooge

Etymology: The hip hop slang euphemism 'Skeet' is derived from the English word for trapshooting (itself from the Norwegian 'skyte' - to shoot).
(2 Live Crew)

Note: Marquis does all the verses; Mr. Mixx does the chorus "I'm gonna cum!"

Verse 1:
Let me skeet, don't hesitate
It ain't good to masturbate
Hoe, I'll let you suck my dick
If you say you'll be my bitch
You'll be proud to be my hoe
I'll take you everywhere I go
If anybody else, you belong to me
Is this my pussy?
(woman: Yeah, Marquis...)

I'm the one that has you sprung
When I skeet, we'll have a son
Skeet them jaws, skeet them draws
Pull it out and skeet the walls
Grab it, flip it, hold it, rub it
When I skeet is when you suck it
All you have to do is believe
And the skeet will set you free

Jerk it off, jerk it off, ba-by!
"I'm gonna cum!"
"I'm gonna cum!"

Verse 2:
For the skeet you are a fiend
Don't you stop this freaky thing
Dick is the one thing that you love
And the skeet's all you're thinking of
If you can't skeet with someone else
You'll skeet off by yourself
Skeetin' nowadays is the thing to do
You'll skeet me and I'll skeet you
Skeet from the front, skeet from the back
Can I skeet in your mouth?
Do you like it like that?
(woman: Yess!)

Taste my skeet, don't it taste so sweet?
For my skeet you are a freak
I skeet off twice and then I'm done
I have to save some skeet for the next one, hon
All you have to do is believe
And the skeet will set you free


Verse 3:
Skeetin' is for the young and old
But it's best to skeet in a hoe
Before I go out and skeet a bitch
I always take my skeetin' kick
I like to skeet in big ol' butts
It makes me skeet off big ol' nuts
You can say that I'm a nympho
Skeet in your mouth, then skeet your temple
I skeet best on a one-night stand
Brother Marquis is a skeeta man!
You suck slow and I fuck fast
Don't get mad if the skeet don't last
It ain't love, it must be lust
In the skeet you must trust
All you got to do is believe
And the skeet will set you free


Jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk it off babyyy! (4x)
by Tummy AuGratin March 02, 2006
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verb: To steal or obtain something via illegal and/or scandalous methods. Typically used when referring to Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones.

adj: To be a thief. One who steals items such as Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones.
-That greasy thief skeeted my beats right out of my locker!
-That kid is a total skeeter, never leave anything valuable alone with him.
by hogman33 December 11, 2016
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