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To be essentially suffering from an ecstasy hangover.
Being skagged is the time spent after the high until you are 100% normal again.
Being skagged is different to an alcohol hangover. Usually there are no sickness symptoms or dizziness

Symptoms include:
Sweating, tiredness, general paranoia and feeling like a tit.

I you wake up and are still high, you are also skagged
A: 'How are ya man?'

B: 'ah im pure skagged after lastnight, twas class though!'

'Ah jesus, Im skagged.'

Mick, with a pill in his hand: 'Ah sher il be skagged in the morning, fuck it though! DROP.
by lunatic_man July 31, 2011
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SKAGGED – ie. to be skagged.
1)To be left all the work by the convenient avoidance of a co-worker, who then is in position to take all the credit for any success or dodge any criticism for any failures.
2)To be deceived or taken advantage of by a co-worker.
3)To be jumped in corporate stature by an undeserving co-worker.
Damn, looks like you just got skagged good.
by Thomas Hanks March 09, 2006
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When a peice of sea weed is stuck or caught on an obstruction and is being pulled by the current but refuses to break free. It is just being pulled by the tide flapping about.
A large price of sea weed is floating at the boat ramp right on top of my propeller cause it is Skagged on my moor rope.
by JMuny January 05, 2014
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