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A species of creature from the game "Borderlands" native to much of the Planet Pandora. These nasty bastards will attempt to consume just about anything with a pulse and many things that don't and therefore often consume the items of the unlucky tossers who got attacked. After doing so the Skag, unable to digest the items, will vomit them back up in characteristic "Skag Piles" often of which are smashed open to unveil the rather foul smelling goodies inside. Skags are rather odd creatures in and of the fact that their skull structure allows their face to slit into four separate parts to consume pray often much larger than themselves. In so doing they will often screech and roar in such a manner as to expose the soft and vulnerable fleshy inner parts of their head for easy bullet penetration, this often results in the death of any creature caught within a fight. Skags also seem to be able to consume the native "Element" of the environment they grow in and thus can begin to develop elemental powers resulting in abilities such as breathing fire or spitting globs of corrosive acid at enemies. One should note also that as skags age they tend to toughen and develop much thicker armor, the worst of these being Alpha Skags which have thick frontal armor and are less likely to roar and screech, making them formidable opponents in combat, the only real way to easy exterminate them and by in large any skag is through use of corrosive agents.
Skag Welp
Skag Spitter
Skag Elder
Skag Alpha
by TheRandomDoctorZed February 21, 2011

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Any such creature, character, animal, or etc which has a face or snout which splits into multiple pieces or seperates in multiple places in such a way as to resemble the tentacles of a squid. This is often used as a derogatory remark and is offensive in many ways.
Spartan 1: "Hey dude, see that Elite over there?"
Spartan 2: "Yeah, I hate those squidfaced bastards."
Spartan 1: "Tell me about it, fuckers..."
by TheRandomDoctorZed February 21, 2011

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