a woman who is so slutty and nasty that it makes you try to say skank and gag at the same time.
skag often referring to women who have taken part in on the receiving end of a gang bang and their lips are now feeling-less heap of flesh dangling from the pubic area and makes you want to set up scenes behind and act out a play as the roast beef curtains come up. a woman who has single handedly spread herpes around to every guy in a party within the first hour she is there. the chick you and your friends fucked on the band, football, ski club or cheer leading bus your freshman year of high school
by Bug Eatin Steve September 23, 2010
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a word used in Celbridge, Ireland for the tracksuit wearing assholes who constantly taunt us.
Most of them are unnecesarilly violent and incredibly stupid. They usually congregate outside Londis or on street corners and spit or talk about who they met at the GAA disco which is usually called the 'GAH!' by them.
One skag once said to me:
"Hey there are more rockers in the world than people!!!"
by Lollirot December 23, 2005
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ugly rat girls with orange skin who are bow legged and have a body shape similar to a man who like to skank it up with random creeps. Basically an all around nasty person who you would enjoy kicking in the head.
M and K are the biggest skags I know. Ewwww
by Larry B January 10, 2008
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my momma keeps on asking where im spendin all my doh baby all she does is nag nag nag, but i won't apologise, ill inject it in my eyes if that's how i can get my skag.
by Joanna September 30, 2003
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I know a girl who snogged 3 guys, she's acting like a total skag
by Rilo July 18, 2003
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