The act of checking someone out to see if you can take them in a fight
Chad told me he was sizing up brad and he thinks he can take him.
by DomToretto July 18, 2021
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The act of looking at someone and determining if you could take them in a fight.
Conor was sizing up Jake for their big fight and thinks he can win.
by LordFarquadd July 25, 2021
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To evaluate your opponent before a fight
“What are you waiting for, get on it
“I’m sizing up.”
by Jtrevo July 25, 2021
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Basketball term usually used to gauge one defenders ability
What’s he doing with the ball
He’s sizing up seeing how he reacts
by YungDraco July 25, 2021
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He did size up the potential destruction, but did not act decisively in the end.
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The phrase "size up", usually used in arguments, essentially means to "stand up and fight"
"Yo, no long talkin' b. Either size up or nize up"

In other words...

"Hey man, I don't want to do this long talking business anymore. Either stand up to me and let's fight, or shut up."
by suwayy March 15, 2017
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To get a feel of someone's strength by observing them or a call out to get someone to fight you

This pretty simple term which was then redefined by tiktok idiots into: When a man looks if his dick will fit by checking out a girl's thighs.
Bro 1: Bro, I fucked your mom

Bro 2: Size up, bitch.

Bro 1: Bet

What tiktok idiots think it is:

Girl: OMG you're so gross, why are you sizing me up?

Boy: Umm... I wasn't. I don't want to fight
by NNatty August 14, 2021
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