Dysphoric singleness is the state of being unable to enter a romantic relationship due to being perpetually rejected.
by Fsirccpo July 3, 2024
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(n) A man who is marries several women at once.
His family practice single polygamy in every marriage.
by hornyZebra April 9, 2011
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When you've been single for a while, you officially come aboard the single train, where you will most likely be lonely for the rest of your life. To drive the single train means you've been single for a very long time.
Person 1: Bro I gotta get back into dating, I've been on the single train for a whole year now
Person 2: ha lonely ass hoe
by yourdadlmao March 2, 2020
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As you're doing your female companion from behind and lick your thumb to jam it up her ass and she gives your the single eye look when she turns her head.
"Man jim, I was fucking Becky and she gave me the old single fish eye"
by Big popeye March 6, 2018
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Girls love him but he doesn't love girls he is a furious guy who loves to chill with the homies
Vithursan is a mourattu single
by Mourattu single October 26, 2020
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