to be single,its a great idea to feel the life.
by zedo August 10, 2006
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lacking motivation to consistently maintain the level of personal hygiene and/or considerate shaving habits generally considered appropriate in a committed relationship.
Spinster Aunt: I don't understand how you're not taken yet. You're so beautiful/handsome/talented/kind/(insert positive adjective here)!
Me: Being single is just less work...
by realitycheckplease September 22, 2011
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A choice of lifestyle commonly used as an exuse by a female in order to be free to play with other cocks and not feel guilty about it.
Guy to girl: "Why can't we keep going out? Things were great between us!"
Girl to guy: "I just want to be single for a while to see what it's like."
by Nick Brophy January 5, 2005
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In Dublin, Ireland "A Single" means 1 bag of chips, or thick-cut french fries.
Hey Niamh, can you run down to da shop and pick us up a single. Thanks love!
by Tbrambo September 28, 2014
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"I'm single! A single Pringle! I'm proud of it. I don't need anyone! Hah!" (goes to cry)
by cutecurtainbangs:) April 9, 2022
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to not have any feelings for one specific person; no attachment or commitment to someone else
you can't say that you love someone with all your heart and committed and say you're single at the same time.
by for your convenience September 24, 2011
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