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Someone who has a sick obsession with Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish. They hoard the childish toys in their rooms or basements, and do nothing but play with them all day, Most usualy do not have friends. They are usualy diagnosed with a disease, called singingfishatitus, a malfunction of the brain causing a sexual attraction to a rubber mounted fish who singing songs. Many of these people are on youtube and this fad is very active. If you try to contact one, he or she will most likely troll you, with cuss words. There are MANY many of these people on yotube. I dont recomend contacting them.
"My singing fish loves and talks to me"

-quote from singing fish hoarder on youtube with the user name of (some letters blacked out)


Singing Fish Collector person who is deeply obsessed with them.
by Laygorian September 10, 2011
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