1. the now lamest show on earth
2. THE REASON WHY FUTURAMA WAS CANCLED (To many faggy simpsons fans didnt even bother watching it)
I aint watching the fucking simpsons! Now, change it to Futurama before i kick you simpson loving ass to anartica!
by Paint February 02, 2005
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he is an important man of the world, may be a playboy a maltese popular man and one li huwa abz xD
by simposins February 06, 2008
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An overrated show based on a boring family that has repetitive episodes and jokes.
Homer: Mmmmm... doughnut
Spastic Simpsons Fans: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!11!11//
by Zornor May 25, 2005
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the act of pulling off the sale of a service contract, an mvp membership, and a pre-order all in one transaction by any GameCrazy employee nationwide. The name comes from the infamous Mike Simpson, the original hustling gangster.
by Cali C March 27, 2008
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All though commonly known to be the funny and character from the Simpsons franchise, he had a scarier darker side. Trinity students know this well....... iykyk.
Mr Simpson was apart of a school scandal.
by dafjhakggknerkge October 13, 2020
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Person with simp heritage.

Other instances are O'simp and MacSimp
by Big Simp March 27, 2020
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