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Usually a girl with higher education, avid book reader, open mindset, mad emotional intelligence and great libido . In most cases, a Simina was not abused by her family in contrast with other female names carriers and has amazing genes. Loves males and respects fellow females. Probably a genius in disguise but too innocent and shy to admit it. Loves patriarchy as much as feminism and wishes the world would be a better place. Not a fan of dick pix and animal abuse. Great smile and amazing talent.
Damn, I wanna be Simina.
by not_ur_boy November 25, 2017
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Usually a girl who looks innocent but is the opposite when it comes to guys. Known for wrecking relationships and seriously has no boundaries, she will try to steal your man and will act like she's clueless. Be careful with this girl.
"Yo that girl just did a simina"
"Did you see that girl she's a simina g"
by Its_ur_girl November 10, 2016
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