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A.K.A. Smoketown. Home to Silsbillies. Average IQ: 54. Average income: Welfare. Demographic: 50% white, 50% black, but feels like 10% white, 90% black due to excessive audio pollution. Crime rate: cheap, mostly free. City color: Green. It's the color of money and weed. City song: "Thug Livin'". Average Education: Sex. Most visited website: Favorite Restaurant: McDonald's. Favorite Prom Picture Location: McDonald's. Largest Employer: McDonald's. Most Purchased Item: Bullets, Hand Lotion. Favorite shopping location : TIE- Dollar General, Goodwill. Most Densley Populated Areas: Projects, hood, KFC, County Jail, back of patrolman's car
"Kat Williams said that when he is away from Detroit, Silsbee feels like home."
by Squash Barnes December 06, 2008
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The hardest town in Texas, where the guys look like shit, but the ladies know how to work it!
Silsbee is the SHIT!
by kandycoated November 14, 2003
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