A sassy brave individual who has powerful potential and gives off capacitive energy towards others. Others are afraid of one’s power and worth and are intimidate. Someone who knows how to mentally and emotionally hurt someone confidentially.
”I have seen this silent killer first hand, and I am therefore honored to join the Alliance in helping to raise additional awareness “
by Avreail May 28, 2022
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someone that gets girls/fucks but keeps it on the low.
“you a silent killer bro
by cichxcki August 12, 2022
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a fart(release of gases from ass) that is unheard but smells mad bad.
oh man, someone let out a silent killer!
by BuG October 21, 2003
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Probably the most funniest song out there made by Budweiser, and even though it's only like a minute long, it's still worth listening to
by d'fo April 2, 2004
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