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Sigge is the most beautiful and cool person ever . Whoever named Sigge is so super cool that they would be able to kill anyone in an istant.
Joe: Hey im going to my friend Sigge's house
Mama: Watch out, people named sigge are so cool that they can kill you
Joe: Don't worry
Joe: *arrives*
Sigge: Oh hey (its said in a very cool way)
Joe: *Fucking dies*
by PPgamer111 November 13, 2019
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A flying dog.
Likes to play gay with his husse.
Also known as the dog of doom, kills instantly with the holy "Cock in teh wordBajjan/word".
by JDS June 30, 2003
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the hottest nigga out there he gets all the hotties and never simps and have gotten a blowie by all the hot girls at school
person 1 have you seen that hot nigga sigge
person 2 yeah bro hes real hot tho no homo why does he gets all the girls
by the hot nigga May 7, 2020
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Sigg is another way to say that someone likes to fuck male dogs.
"Jake is a sigg!"

"Yeah, I agree, he's always fucking my dog."
by Yo tengo April 16, 2021
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When you put your dick in the exhaust pipe of a buss, then fuck it hard until the buss breaks down into small pieces. Then you blend the small pieces in a mixer and shove it up your ass.
"Where the hell did Jacob go?"
"I heard he went for a dirty Sigge"
by Ihavegenitalherpes May 13, 2020
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