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A funny, care free and beautiful woman who is always making people laugh; but who tends to have a bad temper that can be set off quickly. Even though she loves staying up all night and eating big breakfasts in the morning, she hates waking up early and feeling tired. This lady is filled with one contradiction after another.
Sidnie is super funny.

Watch out, Sidnie just woke up.
by pseudonym123486415 May 30, 2013
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Sidnie is a hot, energetic, smart, care free kind of girl. She values her alone time but loves to occasionally go out to the club with her friends. Sidnie is the girl of most guys dreams because of her unforgettable loving personality, and her ass. It's pretty big. She may seem like the perfect girl but if you wake her up then rip to you. If there's one thing in this world that she cares most about, it is her sleep. So don't wake her, unless you want to see satan himself right before you. Get yourself a sidnie you won't regret it, unless you wake her.
Look at that ass! Her names definitely sidnie
by Monica Stephens December 04, 2017
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