1. To redeem one's self.

2. To achieve great unexpected success in a critical moment of a competition.
The 2018 U.S. Olympic Curling Team was nearly eliminated from the tournament, but they fought back and shustered themselves to a Gold Medal.
by Ralph Cox 80 February 25, 2018
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A verb meaning the ability to come back to the top despite the odds against you.
The USA curling team shustered the opposition to take the gold medal in the 2018 Olympics.
by Portia L. February 25, 2018
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Shuster (adj):
The highest form of complimentary adjectives. If no other adjective describes the person, place, or thing that you are trying to commend or compliment, Shuster is the only other acceptable word.
"Man, that girl does work that no other person on the planet can measure up to. She's SO SHUSTER!"
by Superkuder January 2, 2020
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verb \ ˈshü-stər \

1. to come back from behind to triumph unexpectedly

2. to defeat the Swedes in team competition
3. to knock out an incredible 5-point end at a clutch moment in the Olympics
1. Our basketball team was down by sixteen points at halftime, but we Shustered, winning by twelve.

2. Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall Shustered their Olympic cross-country sprint, edging out Charlotte Kalla and Stina Nilsson for the gold medal.

3. Jane Shustered at the bonspiel, adding five points to her team's score.
by Bonspiel Betty February 24, 2018
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Stepping up and delivering like a boss after prolonged failure, totally redeeming oneself. Named for John Shuster, skip of 2018 Olympic gold medal curling team.
After decades of disappointment, the 2016 Chicago Cubs pulled a Shuster and won the World Series.
by myth1987 February 24, 2018
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To redeem one's self; to come through after years of disappointment; to win in grand fashion after having lost in the past. Named after USA curler John Shuster, who came through in the clutch with a gold medal in 2018 after years of frustration.
The Philadelphia Eagles pulled a Shuster when they won Super Bowl LII after years of waiting.
by Uncle Ben Stein February 24, 2018
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A verb meaning to fail to meet expectations, particularly at a moment critical for success or even slightly respectable results.

Slightly derogatory, indicating the type of disapproval that can only be backed by the weight of a nation's scorn.
"Well we almost won the game, but the kicker missed the extra point so we lost by one."
"Man, he really shustered that!"

"Ouch, you son of a bitch! That's the wrong hole!"
"Sorry honey, I was only off by an inch and a half."
"Shuster me again like that and we're through!"

"The United States team has a chance to go up by two and almost certainly clinch a victory here in the ninth end."
"Oh no, he pulled a shuster! What a letdown!"
"Apparently he truly enjoys the taste of disappointment."
by rabidsquirrel13 February 19, 2010
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