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Someone who is arrogant, cocky

A 'shunty' (plural= shunties) constantly quotes films like American Pie and TV shows like Entourage/Sopranos/Californication to support their arguments. Or randomly include situations which were raised in these shows and relate them to real life happenings. (see example #2)

Also a bloody smart person, really cool and funny. Shunties usually wear boat shoes/sandals with tan colored shorts (tucked in collar shirts) and a hat. generally look way beyond their years. and mostly occur amongst the male gender. (female shunties are rare, but usually have cropped blonde hair with too much hair product)

*variant spelling accepted: shuntie, shunti (for those who feel the need to spell that badly) . sometimes shortened to "shunt", but the confusion that arises from using that word in these circumstances is uncanny.
Person 1: Mate, would you like some pie?
Person 2: have you seen the first American Pie movie? your mention of pie reminds me of what that kid did to the pie. you weren't thinking of doing that were you?
Person 1: No dog, you're such a shunty.

Person 1: Nice drive, man.

Person 3: Sick Italian sports car.

Person 2: Yea, well unlike Johnny's, mine's not a fiat.

Person 1 &3: Who's Johnny?
Person 3: from a TV show. (entourage. see entourage quotes of Johnny Drama and his fiat to understand)
Person 1 &3: F***, you're such a shunty
by Aranxth August 10, 2010
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adj. This is a word used to combine two other words. Shitty and Cunty for those moments when one of them is just not enough.
Bob is feeling a bit shunty today.
by Shunty Asshole 101 June 03, 2018
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