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1-verb, (to shunder)

Used to describe someone that is

severely stoned or drunk and is

wandering aimlessly.

2-Used to describe someone who is

acting in an abnormal mannor, usualy

due to intoxication.

3-verb, (to shunder){to wonder about

something/to ask for something/

to be inquisitive}

Derived from: To wonder-verb, -to be

curious about something.

-present tense usualy

spoken both as 'Ashundering'


Ash-undering / Ash-underin}
1,2- To shunder

~ Man, i was shundering round town

for hours last night.

~ You are shundering badly right now.

~ I am gonna be fucking shundering

after this big bag of fucking cans

with the lads.

3- (to shunder about something)

~ I was shunderin if you wanted to

come out to chill out and smoke a


~ Ashunderin if you had any skins.

~ That doob is gonna make us

shunder about the stupidest shit

by Smoke loot May 29, 2017
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