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short for "stairway to heaven"

the last thing you wanna hear from an amateur when you go into a music instrument shop.
1. dude stop! read the sign: no stairways permitted in this premise

2. that punk only knows four cords, and he is strumming away on his les paul as if doing a stairway
by night rider December 19, 2003
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the song that EVERYBODY (n00bs especially)freaking plays when in a guitarcenter etc. trying out a guitar.
*starts stairway chords*
clerk: excuse me sir...*points to sign that says "NO STARWAY TO HEAVEN"
wayne:no stairway... DENIED!
by to tha MAX April 27, 2007
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short for Stairway to Heaven, the greatest song in the world. you know Tribute by Tenacious D? that is a tribute to Stairway. its by Led Zeppelin, the greatest band in the world. heres a section from the guitar tab for it:
E|---| ...
its not a very big section i know, its just the first note, but isnt it awesome?

and as we wind on down the road
our shadows taller than our soul
there walks a lady we all know
who shines white light and wants to show
how everything still turns to gold
and if you listen very hard
the tune will come to you at last
when all are one and one is all
to be a rock and not to roll

and shes buying a stairway to heaven
by A D August 22, 2007
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The stairway is the booty, as in the stairway to heave vs the mountains of madness.(boobs)
Dam, I would love to get a closer look at dat stairway
by Brandon king May 25, 2018
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