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Shubh (also called shubh vardhan) is a really hot girl with curly hair and a boyfriend with a face so grotesque and a body so mishappen she usually carries around a lollipop.

Her boyfriend is jealous of her hair because that's the kind he's secretly always wanted

But she doesn't dump him cause he starts singing everytime she attempts to and his songs give everyone syphilis.
Everyone loves her even more than they already did for keeping the bastard in check but it pains them that they can't be with her cause she is HOT and has a heart of gold
Dude 1: just look at this girl, she's a really hot girl who has a boyfriend with a grotesque face and misshapen body
Dude 2: yes that is a Shubh who is also called a Shubh vardhan. no wonder she has so many lollipops
Dude 1: and just look at that boyfriend, still got curlers in his hair
Dude 1: NO I WILL
Dude 2: it doesn't matter who does cause she can't be ours AAAARGH
Dude 1 : stupid syphilis boyfriend I HOPE INFECTS HIMSELF SOON
by Buzz osborne February 10, 2018
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You know the girl who frequents your dreams and makes you wonder what the liquid you wake up drenched in actually is? That, my friends, is Shubh Vardhan. If you're looking for her follow any trail of pining men/women who appears. .. Wet
Wet guy: Fine. Let's drop acid. But only once today okay, I'm worried about you that's why I'm letting you do this to us. I hate drugs but you mean the world to me
Distraught druggie: I don't want drugs I want SHUBH VARDHAN. AAAARGH
Wet Guy: CAN'T YOU SEE HOW WET I AM? *shoots distraught druggie* Shubh vardhan is mine
by Ilena April 24, 2018
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A Jewish person. Same as the word "jewbh" but the Canadian version.
by THE DEFINER OF MAAAA June 20, 2017
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A guy who likes to flirt, and he's good at it too. He is kind but sometimes likes to show off
Guy 1: Shubh has good flirting skillz
by Nameundertander November 02, 2016
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The Real Baller. The type of guy who date's one girl and wishes was in relationship with 2 other chicks. Honestly messed up but who's counting am I right. Many at time's people ask stupid questions now you can either answer and feel stupid or not answer and feel dumb. This decision making skills will determine who you'll be really stupid or less stupid.
Shubh is a baller. Shubh is the baller
by Aren'tYouReallyDumb October 23, 2018
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A common synonym for stubble on the chin, specifically the type that looks like pubes. Adj.
"Yoo you should shave cuz you got fucking shubh face"
by shubhsnightmare March 07, 2016
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Shubh (pronounced Shoe-B) is a brown male who typically thinks he's a big mon, however, everyone knows he ain't packing for sh*t. Always tries to one up on you, chases clout, and attempts to bag the battri's, but in reality, takes more L's than a typical Brampton wasteyute. Constantly will act like he knows everything but always will come back to you for help, guaranteed. Typical sightings of Shubh's often occur in Sauga and Brampton.
A: Ayo mandem, you tryna run da block?
S: Ayo dawg, I'm gonna pull up on da shordies real quick ting, hold up.
A: Man why you acting like a Shubh, wasteyute we gotta dip.
S: Ahlie, but lemme bag dem quicktimes
A: Go ahead, gonna take bare L's headass not a sweeterman
by YOON MCGOON February 21, 2019
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