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Shortening of the name Joshua, for those who choose not to go by Josh.
It's the last four letters of Joshua!
by Pfau May 02, 2005
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The name for the sound a woman in labor makes if she sneezes while the baby is crowning.

Replacement for dirty words.
Shua! Shua! And with the second sneeze the baby shot out and into the middle of the birthing circle. What the shua?
by Nedra Navonod March 06, 2013
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A word used to express disbelief, or strange unintelligible feelings usually related vaguely or directly but not limited to surprise, anxiety, excitement, pocky. Can be used in place of "dirty words" around your mother or the higher brow community to avoid ridicule and crude embarrassment.

May also have something to with a strange theatre costume . . . this is unconfirmed at the present time.
"Dude did you just see that elephant do a backflip?"

"What the Shua?! Impossible!"

--- and also ---

Shua! I just stubbed my foot!
by The Mad Musial Genius January 03, 2010
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