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a person whos religious knowledge and experience comes from the psychedelic use of mushrooms. A shroomerian is a self proclaimed religion coming from the word shroom which is the psychedelic mushroom. These are people who would rather not follow society but do "their own thing" which involves religious excursions in the mountains or practically any good place to achieve knowledge and attain more spirituality in life rather than go to church and pray for something that you are not sure that is there. Faith is just a word society needs to say to get that feeling of courage in them so they can move on with life.
Hey man what religion are you?

Shroomerian how about you?

Hey man i understand the secret of life!

Good, welcome to the other side.

Shroomerian too? got enough for two?

Yeah man, here! see you on the other side!
by RGAMushroom January 17, 2011
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