Shrek in the hood. Did some time for dealing crack and now he scared of people entering his swamp.
Yo that shrigga has the best crack. Don't mess with him he got shredded in prison so he could fight off people to keep them from getting into his swamp.
by Goodheadgiver69 June 14, 2020
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Shrigga (Noun)- Shrigga is a powerful god who created everything as we know it. Shrigga a ogre who is tan, hairy, and big. Shrigga can grow up to 950 ft and can tower over anything. Shrigganometry is the study of shrigga. Shrigga was discovered in 2015 by 2 men in Salina Kansas. All hail Shrigga.
Person 1: Hey man have you been praying to Shrigga every night?
Person 2: No? Who is Shrigga?
Person 1: Oh no, you shouldn't have said that. You've angered him, feel his ogrey wrath
by zauzyzayy January 20, 2021
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white person n-word, you can pull up to ur mate and be like wassupp shrigga
Wassup my shrigga whats poppin off
by lorxnzord December 02, 2019
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