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First and Foremost, a Shoyo can only be a Japanese Male. A Shoyo is someone who uses and hogs somenone else's computer up to 20-24 hours straight because his computer sucks and can't run anything. A Shoyo can also be someone who likes a girl but will never talk to that girl in his life. A Shoyo sleeps over at your house 3 days straight just to use your computer to flirt with girls online (you wont even know if theyre real girls). A Shoyo will not brush his teeth when he sleeps over at your house for 3 days straight, therefore don't be surprised if his breath smells like Gorilla's Diarhea after eating 50 Garlic Breads, Chips with Salsa, Chilli, and a Beef and Bean Burrito.
"Dang, get out of my house you 'Shoyo'!"
"Man, guess what! You just pulled a Shoyo!"
"Don't be a Shoyo and get off my computer and go home to your mom"
"Your breath smells like Shoyo, You're not my friend anymore"
by Alice H August 10, 2005
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