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A guy likely to shove a girl's head down toward his junk for a blowjob while making out. Usual douche tendencies and personality traits make "shovers" easy to spot.
by yeah_mitch June 28, 2014
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a homosexual man who enjoys the company of other males
Steve: I went to the Social last night, it were rubbish. It was just me, Jimmy Two Feet and a couple of shovers.

Mark: How d'you know they were shovers?

Steve: They just were.
by banjo string July 01, 2006
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tampon, cotton wad you shove up the vag to catch blood
Man, I am bleeding like a stuffed pig, I need a super-sized shover to catch all this!
by ThisGameBL0WS March 29, 2008
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Someone who pushes people past their comfort zone or past there annoyance level.
that shover really deserves a taste of their own medicine
by Remarkabubble August 27, 2014
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rodd: man that is one fucked up shover!
todd: no shit!
by the monkey February 07, 2005
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