A person who sells drugs. Usually 10 or 20 pound worth bags
A: I've been on road all day and night shotting blud.
B: Yous a top shotter fam dun know!
by GmanRM January 31, 2012
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Originated by 2 freshman at the University of Illinois in 2011, this system allows people to judge others. A person see's another person and announces the number of shots, of vodka, it would take for them to be in bed with the other person. For extremely ugly people, shots maybe converted into handles or fifths.
"Damn, she is a 1 shotter"
"Hey, 4 shotter to your 6"
by Second Cousins October 3, 2011
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When first entering a party you see someone of the other sex and scale them on a alcoholic beverage shot. The lower the score the more attractive one should be. She is a ____ shotter
A good looking female is there: "She is a zero shotter kind of girl."

An ugly female walks in: "She is at least a 7 shotter."
by Hollah at your boy October 18, 2011
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'Big up all the shotter dem, never be forgotten dem' MC Riddla
by juxjux September 8, 2003
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An embarrasing or akward situation with a negative outcome. Anything that goes wrong or makes someone look stupid.
Saying a joke that you think is really funny and laughing while everyone around stays in complete silence. Mate who witnessed it says 'that was a shotters'
by Shay McCarthy December 15, 2008
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Once the girl drinks one shot, she instantly becomes a slut and or whore. Than anyone there has a legitimate shot and walking home with some poon.
"Our friend Emily who lives downstairs is a one shotter you got 'er. Yeah I even heard she got with Pat!"
by Bob Dylan 420 January 6, 2010
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