When someone is shot out it means they are permanently mentally fried from doing too many drugs.
Damn.. I miss the old Cassie.. she’s so shot out now she can’t even hold a normal conversation..
by littleforestpeach January 11, 2020
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"Out of it" or brain addled from heavy drug consumption. Referring to heroin it literally means "shot out" of a person's mind.
Don't trust that guy's memory, he's shot out.
by addictmentality May 21, 2015
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Lemme give a Big Shot Out to All my Niggas in the Bay...
by BarackPrez June 22, 2009
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When someone does something stupid, crazy or careless.
Yo, Jimmy's drunk as shit running in the street with no shirt on. "He's Shot Out!
by Moe120 June 24, 2011
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An individual who has been lacking their usual hygiene routine and ruining their mental health. Mostly caused by drug abuse, insomnia, and malnutrition.
Holy fuck bro?! No disrespect but you look shot out homie. Go home and get some fucking sleep, eat a good meal, or something like that and get your shit together.
by sCummYsKy fromthe BuGhOuSe October 25, 2019
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meaning messed up, retarded, and/or really bad situation
That's really shot out of Kate to steal her mom's money.

How many beers did you have? You are acting really shot out?

It's shot out what the cops are doing to Kate.
by Kimmydukes June 24, 2004
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