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A term of endearment for men under 5’9. Many use it for their favorite male celebrity/youtuber/etc who are under 5’9.Popularized by cody ko and Noel Miller in their videos. Short King and manlet aren’t interchangeable. Manlet is more of an insult towards short men in general or for short men who are insecure about their height and try to make up for it by acting more masculine(like body building and lifting)
Cody ko is such a short king!”
“ I know right? Short kings only”
by Byebyenine September 05, 2019
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A short king is a term made popular by Cody Ko and Noel Miller to describe a short boy who has an inflated ego despite lack of stature. A short king will usually have a very sarcastic sense of humor and feels the need to prove himself as an Alpha despite being two feet tall. Short kings are 5'9'' and under.
Short King: "Should I go talk to Chad for you? I can convince him to come over here."
Friend of Short King: "Please don't Short King this up!"
by mnema geoff October 17, 2018
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