A robot designed to be your friend. This is decieving though, sometimes the robot shortcircuits and then becomes psychotic.
The greenwood broke and now when we clean the refrigerator, it yells at us!
by bananabananabanana December 9, 2009
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noun - An erection or woody one gets while stoned on marijuana or green.
Last time we smoked up with the bitches, I had huge greenwood every time I looked at Sally's tits.
by SleepyDP January 2, 2010
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1. A true slut.

2. Streetwalker.

3. A girl who will have sex with your father, mother, brother and every other waking member of your family.
"Dude, dont talk to that chick, she's a greenwood!"

"Ya man, I totally hooked up with that greenwood last night!"
"Hey I know that greenwood, she slept with the whole football team!"
by pulledagreenwood March 7, 2010
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producing media in order to capitalize on a tragedy, focusing on overly generalized emotional appeals. The media's quality is typically so low that it borders on satire. See "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood
When the next 9/11 happens, I'll be greenwooding it like hell 'til I'm rich. I can't wait.
by blackfaded September 15, 2010
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A result in the game of poker, when ironically, a male player who gets a straight, is wearing feminine clothing.
Alex got two straights in the last two hands of poker, which is ironic for a man wearing that scarf. What a Greenwood.
by BigAlsPokerHand March 14, 2018
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The Greenwood refers to when a man comes home after a long days work with aggressions towards his partner, takes off his old dirty crusty work socks, gags his partner with them, hog ties them, and then proceeds to give the parter dry anal.
"We came home after a hard days work and right as I walked through the door, I got the Greenwood."
by McProffesional January 26, 2014
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The catholic priest loves greenwood from alter boys prior to Sunday's service.
by FireDogs106 May 9, 2017
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