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Grown-ass man that sends you Facebook Stickers.
Lisa Frank over there needs to chill with the FB stickers already.
by ejectorset April 28, 2013
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To scratch one's genitals and proceed to sniff fingers thereafter. Lisa Franked- To force fingers to someone else's nose after scratching your own genitals.
Did that crack head at the end of the bar just Lisa Frank herself. Or. I scratched my nuts while asking her who used to make those scratch and sniff stickers before forcing my fingers below her nose and saying you just got Lisa Franked.
by Silly manatee September 23, 2021
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An orgasm so intense that the fireworks in my brain went from bright gold to a Lisa Frank vintage 1980’s rainbow unicorn Trapper Keeper cover!
Neal: Holy fuck, Amy, why’d you stop sucking my dick and started laughing hysterically?

Amy: (between sobs of laughter) Because I just had a Lisa Frank Orgasm. It was the rainbow Unicorn! Mid 1980’s.
by Oreosgirlfriend November 10, 2018
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