To go into a store or shop and discreetly steal items which are for sale without getting caught. These items can range anywhere in size from a basketball to a dixie cup. Useless items you don't really need are sometimes taken because many people do it for the rush as opposed to needing the stolen object.

The opposite of Droplifting.
Did you see Lisa? She just took those earrings out of the package and put them in her sleeve!

Wow it's real cool to shoplift. I wish I had those crappy earrings.
by K-Ray December 12, 2005
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To steal another persons idea and/or word.

Hey dude, this sticker is steezy

*dome slap*, you shoplifted my word, you pirate
by jbn/gstache duo May 03, 2007
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verb; an action that is present when WALMART security just sucks ass
Shoplifting is not a crime but a sport for those who are broke or have nothing better to do at walmart.
by lucky number 27 December 23, 2009
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1. Stealing things from a shop without paying
2. A secret underground sport, where people with inhumane strength bet on which shops they can lift
3. A tard playing in a shops lift.
1. wow that guys shoplifting hes gunna get caught
2. JESUS he strong look at him shoplifting tescos
3. What a tard, shoplifting like that. I think this is is 7th time up, he needs a job
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
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a thief who steals goods on display or money from a cash register from a store at anytime
the shoplifter stole $20.00 from the cash register
by ajwalias May 04, 2008
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P1: "I went shoplifting today."
P2: "Nice, what did you get?"
by Lelsy May 30, 2018
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       Winona Ryder.       
Since the young man was caught Winona Rydering, he was banned from the store.
by Weapon November 12, 2004
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