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To go into a store or shop and discreetly steal items which are for sale without getting caught. These items can range anywhere in size from a basketball to a dixie cup. Useless items you don't really need are sometimes taken because many people do it for the rush as opposed to needing the stolen object.

The opposite of Droplifting.
Did you see Lisa? She just took those earrings out of the package and put them in her sleeve!

Wow it's real cool to shoplift. I wish I had those crappy earrings.
by K-Ray December 12, 2005
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to fuck a prostitute and then not pay her.

note: it is still undetermined whether raping a prostitute is covered.
Man, that whore was nasty as hell, when I was done I decided it was time for some shoplifting.
by Big Droz June 24, 2009
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When an obssessed shopaholic's shopping bags get so overfilled that their husbands often use them as dumbbells
"Honey can I have my Tommy Hilfiger bag yet?" - Madonna
"No, I'm shop lifting! My muscles feel great!" - Brad
by MysteryMustaches May 07, 2010
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