The act of injecting a substance (most commonly heroin) into ones bloodstream via syringe. Also referred to as Mainlining.

It is favored because of the 'rush' that shooting up gives a user that other forms of ingestion do not.

Shooting up can be dangerous and an easy way to transmit blood-borne diseases. Be safe when you shoot up.
"I was shooting up last night and missed the damn vein."
by Weshoujo August 9, 2019
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scum bag junkies gaining and injecting there fix of heroine, they have alot of arsehole
Wheres Al and steve .... shooting up again f***kin junkies
by jonny f7 April 15, 2006
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v. To inject drugs intravenously.

See also bang,boot up
Watching my friends shoot up always transfixes me, although I'd never do it myself.
by Holly-Day February 3, 2004
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Other than the intravenous drug use meaning, it also means to increase very suddenly and rapidly.
So boss, as this graph clearly demonstrates...if we allow our workers to shoot up on the job, our employee satisfaction level will shoot up 34%!
by Nick D February 2, 2006
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To cum inside a girl without a condom.
"Yo man, Katie's on the pill so when I hit that tonight I'm gonna shoot up the club."
by Phrasemaster September 24, 2013
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When a male ejaculates inside a female unprotected and unintentionally.
I accidentally shot the club up with Allison last night. I'm used to shooting up the club. No shame in shooting up the club.
by yung dori February 9, 2015
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