A fluffy, cloud-like dog such as a Samoyed.
I saw a really cute shoob at the park!
by meowlnir July 4, 2016
A Shore noob, specifically someone visiting LBI. Typically seen in a jersey shore sweatshirt holding a wawa hoagie.
Owen is such a shoob, look at him!
by Shoob55 August 1, 2022
noun. someone who does/would wear shoes on the beach.

A tourist or outsider.

Someone can be called a Shoob out of the context of the beach , based on the assumption that the person WOULD wear shoes if they were on the beach.

Shoob derives from S-H-O-es O-n the B-each
"Ugh look at those Shoobs."
by Marak April 2, 2006
That girl Morgan Adams is such a Shoob! She drives a Kia Soul!!
by SlimySquirrel69 November 30, 2022
The boob part of your shirt, the part of your shirt covering your boob. Applies mainly to females.
Emily spilt chocolate fondue on her shoob. Abby had insufficient shoob. Don't touch my shoob!
by furniture not boy February 21, 2009
Shitty Doob, a joint made from anything other than cannabis, eg, a bottle of mixed spices bought from a local super market in despiration.
Chris: Man, i ran out of weed so now im on the damn shoobs again :(

Everyone else: Bad scene man
by Capta1n January 25, 2008
A short girl who complains about everything and is really mean to nice people who try and help her
Man.. that girl was being such a shoob
by Bossassbih33 December 8, 2016