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Dublin slang for 'shit', uttered in south side (of Dublin) middle-class college kid accent.
1. Lorcan can't hold his drink for shoite. He made shoite out of his old mon's cor after two points of Heineken.

2. Shoite! I forgot that Martin is from Castlebar. He probably plays, loike, hurling or something those boggers do.
by Princess_of_Doom August 29, 2009
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A less intense way of saying SHIT to somebody. Goes unnoticed for a while, but soon they'll realize what it means.
Gril 1: Hey, that nard is such a SHOITE!
Gril 6: No, you're a SHOITE!
by an0nym0us3 December 04, 2017
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A more British, more countryside, better version of the word shite and feels great saying it.
That new movie Boss Baby was a real piece of shoite
by VidPig March 12, 2018
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