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The Shogan is an abbreviation for a "SHithouse grOGAN". This is a grogan that is so poor (in either length, viscosity, smell or voraciousness) that upon being laid in the crapper, it is rejected by it, and consequently will not flush down.

This term can also apply to the grogette, giving rise to the shogette.

See also the rogan, or the Royal Grogan, which is the antithesis of the shogan.
After 5 days eating only steak, Murgatroyd laid a grogan of such poor performance and such sub-optimal grandeur, that it was promptly rejeted by the dumper. That day Murgatroyd laid a shogan.
by Boon September 08, 2004
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A high level of elementracist mage where one gets the title by mastering all the spells of a certain element.
A Shogan kicked my ass by useing all his water spells on me.
by Bob Bobinsin October 20, 2007
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