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1. The act of emotionally spoiling the content of a TV show, movie, or book for another person, making the other person aware of what emotions they will feel after watching or reading.

2. When someone tells you the ending is "GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND" and then it doesn't because you knew it would.

3. When someone tells you how much they cried after last night's episode of Game of Thrones.

AKA: Emotional Spoiler, Sob Rob, Feel Steal
"Awww dude, last night's episode of Grey's had me balling my f*#king eyes out."
"Damn it man, you totally just Shock Blocked me!"
by SSOS February 10, 2015
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When you prevent a freind from hooking up with a tranny, carrier, or someone too ugly to forgive. Referring to the shock on the dreaded "morning after"
Dude we totallt had to shock block you last night at the club. That girl had an adam's apple and huge palms.
by nonsense234 July 10, 2008
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When someone walks in on another person masturbating and said person has seconds (if not less) to cover up.
I was butt naked when my girlfriend walked in on me, but I shock blocked with the blanket, pushed the lube off the nightstand and she didn't even notice!
by It Has Teeth February 06, 2011
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When someone tries to or does censor you.
Nick: So that’s when I put it right in her pu...
Nick: Did you really just shockblock me?
by iamanthonydean March 24, 2019
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