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when something is extremely interesting, over decorated or just plain weird/strange.
by fuf567 July 20, 2018
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Something that is awesome, odd, or strange (in a good way). You call something shnazzy when it is different.
Person 1: Wow look at that!
Person 2: Yes, um... it sure is SHNAZZY!
by Kookie021205 July 27, 2018
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snazzy, spiffy, cool with some sophistication

a snazzier update on snappy + jazzy

Grrls: Say this without too much emphasis through slightly clenched teeth and it can be very sexy
Him: And here's the lighting system.

Her: Shnazzy

Him - {putty in her hands}
by mandingoe December 01, 2004
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flat out sexy and all around just god-damn gorgeous. the real word meaning amaizmo and a riot. not snazzy. if you see a shnazzy person rolling by, you have two choices. one: run away. they are just way too sexy and unbelievably good looking. two: say hello. you've just made a lifelong friend. FOR LIFE!! and guess what? your new bff is shnazzy!
Emily: Dude, did you just see that beautiful, wonderful, knarly person fly by?

Jennifer: Yeah man, that kid was shnazzy.
by jennily rheingler May 25, 2009
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like 'snazzy' but with an 'h'; cool, awesome, fashionable, (basically anything postive)
me: shnazzy shoes, allison.
allison: why thank you; you're looking pretty shnazzy today as well.
by hopethyay March 20, 2010
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A word used to describe someone who is, quite literally, the most attractive human being on the face of te earth. The term also describes someone who is incredibly intelligent, and someone who is unbelievably compassionate in their relationship with lovers.
bystander: Hey! you date Morgan? You two are perfect together!

Lucky Man: I know I am! She's just so Shnazzy :)
by SpencerBMicol December 15, 2010
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