A sickening-sweet term of endearment, as used back & forth by Jerry Seinfeld and his girlfriend. Usage of this sugar-laiden nickname can bring ones friends near to the point of vomit.
"Hi, Shmoopy-Shmoopy-Shmoopy!!"
by Joe Mancini December 22, 2003
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(adj.) A mild feeing of sadness or feeling down.
Hey Rebecca. You look a little shmoopy right now. Maybe we shouldn’t go to dinner tonight.
by TheOtherRealAlex January 25, 2019
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one who dips hand into toilet for fallen objects.
ahhh I dropped my phone in the toilet, i will just reach in and grab it. haha you Shmoopy.
by toilt_training101 March 22, 2011
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cuddly adjective. Used by people named sam a lot to describe a gopher.
My shmoopy gopher is the coolest person in the whole enitre world
by Tylerswain02188 January 04, 2008
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A person who is adored by another. See shmoop.
You are my shmoopie, my only shmoopie.
by modenadude April 12, 2006
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1.best friend
2.love of your life
3.the one you want to wake up next to for the rest of your life!
Cindy is definately my shmoopi forever!
by rosedawgz March 07, 2009
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