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A shmole is someone who does something strange or walks odd. In general a shmole is anything that does something u wouldnt do..
Look at Tara, shes such a shmole!

Look at you shmoling along the road.

Omg you have such SHMOLE hair today!!

Girl- You look nice
Girl 2- Noo i feel like a shmole!
by moobhead November 04, 2010
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To shmole is to smoke marijuana in a 'softly' cheeky way, where the cheekiness is mitigated and therefore not fully severe.

For instance, one example of shmoling would be if a regular member of the smoking group is absent (making it possibly cheeky to smoke without him) but he conveys his benevolence towards the smoking via text or other electronic communication.

Another example would be smoking out of doors in a society where it is illegal, but in a spot that is far from where one is likely to be caught.

A final example would be waking up and smoking in bed - on your day off. Stealing your own bag for a cheeky one could also be considered an example of shmoling.
"Homes, we wish you were here yo. We're gonna tip out some of this chronic as a mark of respect."

"Don't tip it - shmole it."
by Nipper ;) December 24, 2013
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