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a term used when haggling with a pimp to get a better price on his hoes
You mang, i wents to Shmaggle wid dis pimp last nice and i gots a fine hoe foz only treefitty
by Nashers May 09, 2007
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Hey man, you wanna go shmoke a shmaggle?

Dude, I need some money! I need to buy some shmaggles!

(short term)

Hey yo, do you think I could bum a shmag off of you? I really need a smoke.

I dont wanna smoke this whole shmag wanna deuce it?
by snowbutcher April 09, 2011
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That feeling you get when you hold an avacado and it’s not ripe enough but you say fuck it and eat it anyway
I shmaggled so hard earlier today
by Butter bean June 28, 2018
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