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Term used to describe shit loads of "mad"

mad-a lot or some chill definition like that
Yo. those chill kids get shmmadd pussy

shmadd sausages in here
by shmad Flock September 09, 2011
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Common irish slang. Comes from 'mad'. ( In ireland if you are daring and cool you would say 'your mad!')

Term used to describe pathetic dopes who THINK they are the most extreme coolest impressive thing ever.
' niamhs off smoking with the older kids, cause she thinks its cool '

'yeah she thinks she's shmad...'
by humancd February 01, 2009
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A commonly used word in Ireland referring mostly to teens who think they're the shit for drinking and smoking and getting up to other teenage shenanigans. Spoof of the word 'mad' meaning 'crazy'. A person who does 'shmad' stuff is called a 'shmadster'.

Little rascals...
Boy 1: Ye goin gaff party tehnoih?
(i.e - Are you going to the house party tonight?)
Boy 2: Nahh goin field wihh dahh m8s, guna geh smashed coz we r 'shmad' loike!

(i.e - No, I am going to a field with my friends, I will be getting severely drunk because I am 'shmad' like.)
by KnightsOfNih February 21, 2011
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N. Or Adj.: The dick cheese under the foreskin of a penis.
I didn't go down on him because of his shmad.

You're being a nasty piece of shmad.
by Whaidn November 15, 2017
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