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When you eat Skittles out of an anus
One time I did shittles but I have to do it again to really know how I feel about it.
by cambronshinn February 19, 2013
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Pacific northwest city, located at and around; Latitude: 47° 37.216' N, Longitude: 122° 19.75' W.

see also 'Seattle.'
by GreenEyedDevil May 10, 2008
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1. Little pieces of shit that get stuck in people with hairy asses.
2. Expletive used to denounce a practice or express agahst disbelief about a particular situation.
3. Dickhead, fucker, etc.
1. My ass - heavenly haven of shittles. Taste it!
2. Shittles, the professor just shitted all over my Calc test with a red pen.
3. Monseiur shittles is at it again, willing to fuck up my day.
by Alsir November 25, 2004
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A small colourful rainbow shit taken after drinking a fruity drink
guy 1: Oh dude i just drank a pineapple martini.
guy 2 : Did you shittle?
guy1: I shat the rainbow
by da sheista June 30, 2013
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Small lumps of shit that stick to your arse pubes, like Skittles in shape, but invariably made of shite
I nearly tore myself a new one trying to get those shittles off my arse
by sNoWy1998 December 01, 2005
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