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When someone or something has a really spectacular crash resulting in them and whatever they were riding on being thrown around in a cement mixer'esque fashion.

Often with comical results
Man that bloke got absolutely shitmixed when he stacked his Windsurfer.

I was bricking along then i hit a rock and got absolutely shitmixed!
by Maverick6888 June 28, 2009
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One could use this word to express his superiority over another person, usually a friend, when performing a task at a higher standard or when succeeding by a large margin during competition
"Get shitmixed Lachlan, you aussie dog." Koray says after defeating him at a video game.
by fuckenESHAYZ January 10, 2017
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When you get hit so hard your shit does a circle in your ass
That guy that pissed Josh off got totally shit mixed
by Jack52297 August 15, 2018
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