An uncomfortable itch surrounding one's anus; usually created as a by-product of an improper or ineffective anal wipe following a bowel movement. Can also be the result of a shart.
Bob: What are you scratching at Larry?
Larry: My ass. The restaurant ran out of toilet paper and now I got a serious shitch. You got any baby wipes?
by BippyDeluxx February 7, 2008
A woman or women who are so stuck on themselves that they think every man is trying to sex them.
Hey Shay, how about you stop shitching. You are clearly old, loose, and a tired excuse of a woman. Sorry Booboo, No one wants you.
by yourmove July 15, 2011
Fucking up with one girl then getting with her friend.
Oh shit.. she is upset, i guess i'll just do the ol' shitch for her hot friend
by TheJersh September 18, 2009
A shitty bitch. An exceptionally shitty bitch.
Man, that girl sure is a shitch.
by Cody November 14, 2004
The act of eating your on feces on an ass hole that you just fucked
"This was so good that I'll shit on your ass and eat all!"
"Oh totally! shitching is the bomb"
by broshitching May 18, 2016
bitches aint shit, but in a way that people cant tell what you're saying.
shitches ain't bit but troes and hicks.
by jburger811 June 22, 2010
slang term giving emphasis to the end of the word "shit". Can be used for many different situations and it adds that little something extra when trying to express your excitement to someone.
"Shitchyeah ill go to the strip club"

"Shitchyes i will go see Hairspray with you"

Q: "what do you want for lunch?"
A: "a shitchkabob"

"I visited "Shitchinattii" over the summer"
by riniopod September 2, 2009